#88: Lemon

Bird number: 121
Date: December 1, 2012
Wood: Lemonwood (Calycophyllum candidissimum) (I think)
Source: Woodcraft

By now, I should know better than to trust common names. There are three different trees commonly called “lemonwood.” The only one for which I can find reliable lumber photos is Calcophyllum candidissimum, a South American tree. Those pictures do closely resemble the wood that I made this bird from, so I’ll go with that.

This could be from a lemon (citrus) tree, although the wood is darker and has a much more pronounced grain than the Orange bird, and I was lead to believe that all the citrus woods were very similar. It seems somewhat more dense than the Orange, too.

Maybe one of the guys at Woodcraft can tell me, the next time I’m there. They had a bunch of the stuff, including some quite large pieces. That’s uncommon for the real exotics, but not too unusual for woods like citrus, which you wouldn’t normally find for sale commercially. As I said, I should know better than to trust the common name.

Whatever it is, it sure does look nice.

The wood was medium hard and cut quite well, with no tendency to burn. I knew when I bought the wood that it would look nice, but it finished up much better than I expected. That blemish on the left side of the head adds a really nice touch.

If this really is wood from a lemon tree, then I’m going to track down somebody who has a lemon tree, and get as much as I can. If it’s the exotic “lemonwood,” then I’ll hope to get another sample of it at some point. But it’s too expensive to buy. Lovely stuff, and a pleasure to carve.

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